Documentary Review: The Future of Energy (VICE)

Documentary Review: The Future of Energy (VICE)

As I explained in my last post, fossil fuels are a major cause of climate change.  As a result, we desperately need to move to a more sustainable form of energy.

Thus begins my first movie review on AFTW 2.0.  I just finished watching “The Future of Energy”, a recent episode of VICE.  This documentary focuses on alternative, more sustainable sources of energy to power our world in the years to come.

Here is one of the many energy sources that the program focuses on (I thought that this was particularly interesting):

Nuclear energy

I would like to introduce you all to a man named Taylor Wilson.  If there was one word to describe him, it would be genius.

When Taylor Wilson was 14 years old, he became the youngest person in the world to achieve nuclear fusion.  Yes, you heard me right.  He literally worked with atoms in his garage, at the age of 14.  Seriously.

That’s pretty awesome.

taylor wilson

Electricity today is mainly created with fossil fuels.  Basically, fossil fuels are burned so that they can heat water.  The steam from the water turns a turbine, creating electricity.  But as Taylor explains, we can’t keep “burning things” for much longer.  Why?

  1. It’s harming the planet
  2. We don’t have very many fossil fuels left

Yikes.  Luckily, nuclear energy seems to be a possible alternative source!  Even though there are some downsides (it creates a lot of radioactive waste, and there have been some accidents), Taylor discussed a type of power reactor in his TED talk that is much safer.

Cool!  And now…

*drum roll*

Asha’s Overall Rating: 4 out of 5!

The Future of Energy is very informative and interesting!  It’s great to know that there are more sustainable forms of energy out there; now we just need to use them.

You can check out the episode of VICE here to learn about the other solutions discussed, including electric cars and wind power.  Enjoy!

-Asha M.

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