Natural and Eco Products – Guest Post by Quirky Girl Studio

Natural and Eco Products – Guest Post by Quirky Girl Studio

Check out this guest post written by Fizzy from Quirky Girl Studio!  On her blog, Fizzy writes lots of interesting posts on topics close to her heart, including animals, sports, Emma Watson quotes, and being eco-friendly.  But most of all, Fizzy believes in the importance of being yourself, rather than trying to be “cool”.  

And in my opinion, that’s pretty awesome.

So with no further ado, here is Fizzy’s post!

Hi everyone. Today I am writing about more eco home products for Asha For The World.  Eco products are something we don’t always think about much. There are many ways you can be eco at home, for example by thinking about what you eat, what you use and how you spend your time. Also, instead of buying stuff you can do stuff instead, because it has a lower impact on our environment.  Here are a few products you could try…

Sukin Body Wash, Shampoo, Moisturiser and Skin Care


Sukin products do not contain harsh chemicals. They are not tested on animals. Instead they are made with high quality botanical extracts and essential oils. They are tried by the company before they are sold. The shampoo and conditioner are good quality and work well. For more information you can visit their website.

Alter Eco Organic Fair-Trade Chocolate


Alter Eco is a fair trade chocolate brand. Alter Eco grow their own cocoa beans and do not use child slaves to pick them. This makes it extra delicious to eat knowing that a child gets to go to school instead of working their whole life picking cocoa beans. They come in a range of flavours. I would recommend the quinoa one, it is delicious and healthy but not too strong for a dark chocolate. If you are someone who likes your really dark chocolate, blackout is the one for you. For more information and yummy treats visit their website.

Breeders Choice Cat Litter


Any of you guys have a pet cat or cats? If so this is the perfect cat litter because it is made out of recycled newspaper. It has no additives or chemicals and has natural odour control. It is easy to clean up and does not stain. For more information visit their website.

Best and Less Organic Cotton Shirts

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Clothes are everyday necessities for us but we don’t usually think about the clothes we wear and how they are made. I was shopping in Best and Less once looking for a white shirt and I happened to stumble across organic cotton shirts. They are not the fanciest but that doesn’t matter. They don’t necessarily have to be from Best and Less, you should be able to purchase them anywhere.


Another way to be eco when buying clothes is to buy second hand whenever you can.  Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. Remember to always try and be as eco as possible. Thanks for reading.


Be sure to leave a comment below, and check out Fizzy’s blog!

-Asha M.

2 thoughts on “Natural and Eco Products – Guest Post by Quirky Girl Studio

  1. AHHHHH I’m so glad that you’ve posted this as I’ve been doing a lot of research on this topic as well! A lot of times we can go into a store and think that finding the product with the smallest price is the best one to choose and decide to make the purchase simply because we have the money to. However we tend to over look the production of the product and what’s in it. Unfortunately, many large companies result to using unethical methods to produce their products whether it be though animal testing, sweatshops, slavery, and other methods just so they make more profit. It’s very easy to have the information of these processes be washed over because companies tend to hide it in order to keep their reputation. There are way too many companies using these procedures and a lot of them may surprise you when you find out. Fizzy had brought up the use of child slavery used in gathering cocoa beans which I’m very glad she brought up as it’s so common to us. (Btw if I haven’t already mentioned, this is a very well done post!) Many of the children are boys and are of the age where they should have the right to go to school. The girls are also definitely not in a better situation as most of them are sold to people for similar reasons. The use of slavery in the chocolate industry is not very new. In the past only royalty and aristocrats would have access to chocolate as it’s value was equal to gold. And it’d be given to them through slaves who’d never be able to taste this special bean themselves. Sadly, things now haven’t really changed; the only difference is that we are now in the position of ‘royalty’. It’s so important to choose fair trade brands as the money that they spend to buy their products goes to help the communities (often in developing countries) that don’t use child slavery and have better working conditions to get the resources. And this is just one of the massive glob of industries that don’t really do the right thing for the world. I didn’t really talk much about the fast fashion industry but it’s also has many issues. A quote that I found stood out was “Fast fashion isn’t free, someone somewhere is paying.” To anyone who’d be interested in finding out more about what we don’t see fashion industry I’d recommend the film The True Cost which goes into more depth with this topic. Once again thank you so much for spreading the message of buying ethically! (Just like you do with the subjects of all your posts) Can’t wait for the next one 😀

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