We Cannot Eat Money

We Cannot Eat Money

Native American saying

I love this saying.

Think about it for a minute.  A dollar bill is nothing more than a piece of paper with someone’s face on it.  A coin is just a piece of metal with designs on it.  And yet, the two create this great, intangible thing that leads people to abandon those closest to them in the hope of making more and more and MORE.  

Why do we spend our entire lives in pursuit of…nothing?

It’s pretty stupid when you think about it.

Here is an example that I’ve seen in my own life.  A huge new shopping mall was recently built in my community.  It’s been a big deal – the mall has a Walmart and all that jazz.  Cha-ching! $$$

Except that my community is full of rich, arable farmland.  It’s the perfect place for growing food, but we just keep building on top of the land!  It started with new houses and apartment buildings, and now we have this giant mall!  So as we slowly get rid of all of our farmland, then we have to start importing our produce from California.  But California is experiencing huge droughts.

So food prices keep going up and we end up buying GMO apples at the new Walmart for $1.50/pound.

What will our money mean when we have no food?

Listen, people.  Your dollars aren’t going to fix things when there’s nothing left.  Humans have 5 basic needs, and last I checked, money wasn’t one of them!  But food is!  We need to start focusing on what’s really important.  And for once, we need to stop thinking about ourselves.  It’s almost ironic, that by spending our lives greedy and obsessed with ourselves, we are actually making things worse for ourselves in the long run.

It’s not enough to just say that money can’t buy happiness, because money could end up costing us everything.

-Asha M.

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